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We invest in ideas that can transform communities and impact lives across the world by reducing layers of intermediaries and/or processes. Currently some of our investments in projects include:

(i) A USD pegged stable coin project to ease cross border payments. Stable coins protect from the volatility of cryptocurrencies and reduce transaction costs and time associated with foreign exchange. We are tying up with 35 crypto exchanges in North America Asia & Europe.

(ii) Investing in cryptocurrency exchange startups that cater to markets open to cryptocurrencies. We have found Asia to be the most crypto-friendly markets and are helping 2 cryptocurrency exchanges strategize and expand their business.

(iii) We advise on cryptocurrency investments and help investors pick safe and vetted third party crypto-asset management firms. Our inhouse finance team performs in-depth analyses of global crypto currency investment firm strategies, conducts interviews the portfolio managers, understand their strategies before giving out their recommendation.




We help simplify the probability theory of various market variables influencing blockchain business.

We analyze statistical outcomes of the largest cryptocurrencies (determined by securities industry capitalization), of which Bitcoin is the most prominent example. We characterize their exchange rates versus the U.S. Dollar mark by fitting parametric dispersions to them. We have found that return are clearly non-normal, however, no single distribution convulsion well jointly to all the cryptocurrencies analyzed. We find that for the most popular currencies, such as Bitcoin and Litecoin, the generalized hyperbolic distribution is the best fit, while for the smaller cryptocurrencies the normal inverse Gaussian distribution, generalized T distribution, and Laplace distribution give good fits. These statistical analyses are important for investment and risk direction purposes when we give recommendation to clients or make investments ourselves..




If we invest in your ideas, we help you make better decisions on market penetration and client acquisition.

We get our deal flows through airdrop.io, icodrops.com and through blockchain conferences where startups conduct pitching ideas. We analyze white papers of upcoming and oncoming token sales to recommend to investors if there is an investment appetite. We analyze the feasibility of a business and idea and its long term potential. We understand that in the blockchain industry, there is a difference between using hot words and actual market requirement. We understand that not every existing system or process needs to be re-engineered with blockchain to only drives up cost, energy (mining is an energy-intensive process). We filter business ideas that can add real value with decentralized system and where the costs and benefits outweigh current methods.

With our in-house finance and project strategy team we conduct thorough:




We have an in house decision-making team to provide you with the best market research and analytics insights to help your business succeed. Our marketing strategy is backed by real data analysis. We use quantitative and qualitative methods for our market research and analysis (market segmentation analysis, industry analysis, and competitive analysis):

  1. We collect a large amount of data regarding the research subjects. Our commonly used data collection methods: API data capture, web crawler, primary & secondary data providers.

  2. We integrate, clean, mine and manipulate the vast amounts of data we collect. We use data analysis tools such as SQL, Python to do this kind of data operation. Our most commonly used analytical methods is descriptive statistical analysis that reveals the nature of data distribution. It mainly includes  analysis of frequency of data, centrality of data, dispersion degree of data, distribution of data, and visualization of data. Other methods used include regression analysis, linear analysis, and logistic regression analysis. In addition to the use of data methods, we will also conduct multi-faceted qualitative research on research subjects, using survey tools such as focus groups and in-depth interviews.

  3.  We present our analysis process and conclusions to our clients in visual forms such as text, pictures, tables, and flowcharts. We visualize complex data structure that is difficult to understand to enhance its comprehensibility.

  4. We will draw comprehensive conclusions based on our analysis, and provide insightful and meaningful suggestions for our clients.




We understand that the blockchain & fintech space need to be fully compliant to avoid regulatory risk. We advise you every step of the way. With the bursting of the ICO bubble, investors have suffered severe losses, and market regulations have become more stringent. In this regulatory environment, our team help blockchain startup projects work closely with regulators such as FinCen and SEC to meet their compliance requirements. In addition, we give professional advice to the projects on the application of essential licenses and regulatory approvals, e.g. Bitlicense




We have 20 collective man-years experience in the construction of financial models to help generate excess returns in the blockchain industry. Given our experienced finance team we have a talented team who construct optimal portfolios for our investors and advise them how to distribute their investments in various blockchain projects. This is done taking into account the time horizon of the investment, regulatory aspect of the business, business viability, market share, risk tolerance of the client as well as authenticity of the startup or business we or the investors want to invest in.

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